Olesur Board Communicator: Transforming Inclusive Communication

The Olesur Board Communicator is a ground-breaking tool that stands at the forefront of inclusive communication, enabling anyone to express themselves through a combination of pictograms and text. Designed with the communication needs of all individuals in mind, this accessible, intuitive, and highly customizable device is now available at https://olesur.com/b/.

Design and Features

The communication board sports a neat, orderly design, filled with easily identifiable pictograms. Users can personalize their boards to match their requirements, choosing from a wide range of options and categories. Furthermore, the Board Communicator is equipped with a robust search feature, making it easy to locate specific pictograms.

This tool employs the Fitzgerald color scheme, a specific color-coding system that has been shown to enhance visual communication. This scheme is particularly helpful for individuals with visual impairments as it maximizes visibility and contrast.

Noteworthy Characteristics


The Olesur Board Communicator provides a range of functionalities allowing users to customize and manage their boards effortlessly:

  • Select Language: Users can select their preferred language for their board, making this tool truly multilingual. It currently supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and French.
  • Edit Boards: This feature allows for alterations to the current board, offering the flexibility to adapt the tool to the user’s needs.
  • New: Users can create a new board from scratch, allowing them to have multiple versions for different scenarios or users.
  • Delete: This function enables the removal of the current board, useful when you want to start afresh or remove a board no longer needed.
  • Print: Boards can be printed for offline use, a handy feature for situations where access to technology is limited.
  • Load: This function enables loading a previously saved board, meaning users can maintain multiple boards and switch between them as required.
  • Share: Boards can be shared via social media, facilitating collaboration and idea exchange.
  • Reset: This function resets the board to its original state, allowing users to start over if necessary.

Dialogue Board

The dialogue board is the core of communication on the Olesur Board Communicator. The features include:

  • Play: It initiates the communication. The selected pictograms get translated into spoken language to facilitate communication.
  • Play with Google API: This employs the advanced Google API to enhance the communication experience, providing precise and natural translations.
  • Clear All: It wipes all entries on the dialogue board, allowing users to start afresh.
  • Delete Last: It removes the last entry from the dialogue board, providing the opportunity to correct mistakes.

With its current 0.9 version, the Olesur Board Communicator uses pictograms and the ARASAAC API to provide an unparalleled communication experience. By democratizing communication and allowing all voices to be heard, this tool is setting the pace in inclusive technology. Don’t let language be a barrier; communicate freely with the Olesur Board Communicator.